A Morning In Woollahara

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. It’s been pretty blustery here. However despite the wind it’s also been gloriously sunny so Saturday morning was spent wondering through the tree-lined streets of Woollahara in search for the Donna Hay General Store. I wasn’t disappointed; the small corner store was full of gorgeous ceramics, stylish paper goods and glorious bakeware. It also has a little counter selling the cutest cupcakes and macaroons, I thought I’d died and gone to Donna Hay Heaven!

On route we also stumbled upon a little garage sale, and I got my first taste of a bit of rummaging for buys Aussie style and found these two great letter pressed posters for $1 {that’s 50p!!}


As if a girl’s morning couldn’t get any better I then found a really gorgeous florist. I can’t wait to find my own place {I thought the pretty blooms would be wasted on my less than impressive hotel room – but I shall return!}


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