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Hope you’re all having a great weekend. This week seems to have flown by in a bit of a whirlwind, there’s barely been time to sleep let alone post – sorry! It’s the final count down now, just two days to go until I’m on that plane {eekk!}, It doesn’t quite seem possible and still hasn’t sunk in. I’m so excited about my new adventure and {hopefully} working with new amazing photographers in Sydney, but I’ve been thinking about the photographers who I’m going to miss working with in London, and thought I’d share some of the loveliness from these talented chaps that I’ve been lucky enough to work with…


DanI love working with Dan, we have a shared interested in all things old and tatty but lovely! He’s super creative and when selecting images for my website I realized that a good 50% were shot with him!


WhittersSimon was the first ever photographer I shot with, I was 23 and so nervous doing my first ever shoot for Britains biggest homes mag and simon put me at ease right away. He has been a star to work with ever since


MaxThe lovely Max has assisted both Simon and Dan {and is the partner of my good friend and fabulous stylist Ali Bradshaw} Max is now starting out on his own, he’s wonderfully talented and has such a great eye for a shot. We recently shot my house together for a magazine {as soon as it’s published I’ll post the pics!}


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