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Sorry for being a little neglectful the past couple of days. Once again my weekend was filled with packing and seeing family and friends {before leaving a week tomorrow!} I did however manage to squeeze in one last bootfair and although I promised myself I wouldn’t buy I couldn’t resist! I came across the cutest stool that was held by a lovely elderly gentleman and his wife who run stamp clubs in schools. Now I’m no stamp collector, but he was selling such beautiful sets of stamps at crazily a low prices it would have been rude not to!




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    bless stamp collectors. i totally don’t get it but they see something in them… my opa was a complete NUT about stamps. he’d collected them for decades and when he died his wardrobe was just full of boxes and envelopes of stamps and barely any clothes. that was just the wardrobe – there were more in every drawer, cupboard, under the bed… noone has gone through them yet cause where on earth does one begin with that?!?!

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