Time for Tea {Towels}

Have you noticed the huge influx of gorgeous tea towels recently? They seem to be everywhere. No self-respecting kitchen should be seen without a dazzling dishcloth, and yet some how they seem too nice to use. I was at Simon’s mums a few months back and as Simon reached for the perfectly folded tea towel hanging stylishly from the oven, Linda cried out “not that one, that’s for show”! After recovering from the shock that Simon actually knew what a tea towel was it set me thinking about how else you could use tea towels… which lead to a little page in the October issue of Ideal Home {on sale now – one last plug before I go!}

A framed tea towel from Pintuck in an Ikea Ribba frame makes a unique print for your kitchen wall {or any other room for that matter!}.

Pintuck teatowel

Or a cheats take on a homespun cushion, simple made out of a teatowel from John Lewis {your secrets safe with me I won’t tell anyone you didn’t embroider it yourself!}

John lewis tea-towelcushions

Why not transform an everyday teatowel from Dotcom Gift Shop into a stylish knitting needle case that Cath Kidston would be proud of…

Dot Com knitting-needle-holder


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  1. Posted September 7, 2009 at 9:35 pm | Permalink

    i love the framed tea-towel idea. 🙂

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