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My friend Sally’s Tea & Make event {see here} got me thinking about the new “make do and mend” generation. If one good thing has come out of the “current climate” {god how I hate that phrase!} it’s that people have been encouraged to get thrify and lean new skills. I recently came across Stitch ‘n’ Bitch where you can register to hold knitting groups where like minded folk come together, well to Stitch and Bitch! find out more here


{images courtesy of Raging Wool}

Yesterday I discovered the amazing Make Lounge {after Jennifer very kindly “Tweeted” about my little blog} The Make Lounge run contemporary craft workshops with a social twist, you can choose from their huge list of crafty classes or even arrange your own party, event or hen do {my idea of hen do heaven!} and you can also follow their Blog here.


I’d love to hear of any other groups and gatherings you know about. Have a lovely Monday x


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