Crafting Loveliness

I had intended on sharing this find with you with my scrapbooking post, however I have a slight technical glitch about the numer of images I can fit in one post {I’ll get my brother on the case to resolve asap!} Anyway, when at HobbyCraft last week I discovered a new company to add to my list of crafty loveliness, Bear with me if you already know about them, but American Crafts are sooooo lovely, I got myself totally lost in gorgeousness on their website, here’s a little taster

AmericanCraft1How lovely are these little felt embellishments – they make me want to have a go at making my own

AmericanCraft2and I love these papers, especailly the cotton reels, how cute! Imagine my joy when I found a link to their studio blog {which reminds me when i get back from sunning myself I must update my blogroll} the excitment doesn’t end there…oh no! I then found a link to Mara May‘s, beautiful and inspiring crafting blog, you must check it out, If you don’t believe me just look at her header for loveliness…enjoy



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