My New Garden

Phew… the past few days have been so glorious and sunny, perfect timing with my week off. I’d hoped to get round to doing a whole heap of things here but haven’t had a moment to spare, we’ve finally been decking the garden, 3 days and 840 screws {no lie!} later and it’s done!! So I can now sit in the sunshine and wrIte this {sigh!} defo beats an air con London office


I’ve got big plans for the garden now, starting with a lovely seating area, I’m off to Dunelm Mill Later to buy big 65×65 cushion pads so I can add to my floor cushions, and I really want one of these, fab plastic mats, perfect for relaxing on my new deck. I’m also thinking I might get some of this to put in the shed windows, to hide all the junk but still let light in?

I’ve painted up the old garden bench and added a few cushions there too…

BenchMy only problem now is plants…I’m not good with plants, I’m really lacking the greenfingers, I’ve got loads of lovely planters but not a clue what to pop in them, needs to be easy to keep looking good and love the sunshine…any ideas?


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  1. Posted July 7, 2009 at 3:04 am | Permalink

    What a fantastic space to chill out under the sun…looks really good.

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