Photographer Carolyn Barber

I’ve been admiring the work of Carolyn Barber for a while, she shoots alot for Homes & Garden, I’ve not been lucky enough to work with her yet but she’s now top of my photographers wish list, I love the freshness of her shots, what do you think…..?

Picture 10

Picture 8qaI love the vibrant turquoise with the bright green and the little hits of yellow with the monchrome

Picture 4Lovely mocha and pink…..

Picture 2I love Carolyn’s work, but a special bit of love goes out to the stylists who helped create such beautiful shots. I see a lot of photographer love on blogs, but the stylists are rarely mentioned, and yet great shots are team work – a meeting of two creative minds! As a photographer friend said just last week, without a stylist I’d just be beautifully lighting an empty room


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