Magical Trees

I’ve just read an email from the lovely folks over at Rockett St George introducing me to the work of Paul Farrell. I’ve always thought there’s something a little bit magical about trees, I’ve used the Cole & Son Woods wallpaper in the alcoves in my dining room, now I’m trying to think where I could possibly put a wall of these striking prints, they look so good in a grid like this…

news-jan-09(1)Maybe I’ll settle for some cards instead or even a teatowel…doesn’t everyone seem to be doing teatowels all of a sudden?

Picture 5


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    Hello! There’s a blog-tag doing the rounds, which means you have to tell your blog readers about some of your favourite things and pass it on!
    Visit my blog for the questions – I’ve just had three tags and thought I’d be letting the side down if I didn’t comply! x

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