A Little Inspiration…

Morning! It’s not even 8am yet and I’ve already made two lovely discoveries (you’ve gotta love the world of blogging) Firstly Simon emailed me a link yesterday to a gorgeous and inspiring blog from Australia (we’re very in to all things Australian at the moment – more to come on that later) The Red Thread is so lovely, if you haven’t already you must take a look, you’ll never want to leave. Amoung much other loveliness I came across illustrator/designer/creative genius/ fellow Brit, Esther Coombs, here’s a little taster of her work…


boston tea party tea set

Gorgeous don’t you think? Esther adorns vintage china found in charity shops with her own illustrations, check out her etsy store, website and blog for more. Sadly I’ve got to dash, work calls, but I’ll be back later with more loveliness


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