Spring Fever

I’ve had that holiday feeling all day. Not that I’m off anywhere but because today was my last day in the office for  6 whole days, which means I’ll actually be able to get round to doing all of the little things I’ve been wanting to do for yonks; like sorting my paperwork; making a lace bowl (an idea I found in Australian Home Beautiful Magazine and have to wanting have a go ever since) and having a bit of a spring clean. I like to pretend I’m some sort of Domestic Goddess (don’t we all?) however in reality I have to say, cleaning and household chores generally get pushed to the bottom of my list, I simply don’t have the time, but with a few days off , no excuses my home will return to it’s former glory; all sparkley and new. Heres a few lovely household items from The Laundry to get us all inspired to lift up the feather duster. Oh and owner of The Laundry, Gloria, has blog, Laundry etc,  check it out although I must warn you , prepare to be v jealous of the idyllic country lifestyle. 



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