Dressing Table Rehab

Some things in life you know you’ll have forever and this little dressing table is one of them. Four years ago when trying to buy our first home (I’ll save you the lengthy details but it took over a year for our purchase to go through!) I spotted a sorry looking dark wood dressing table in Charity shop in Suffolk. It has seen better days but for me was love at first sight. I’m not quite sure how but I left the shop that day without my lovely dressing table, probably because my “bottom drawer” stash things for the new home had taken over my mums entire house and I really didn’t have anywhere to put it. On or next trip up to Suffolk Simon opened his mum’s garage doors and there it was, in need of a little TLC but perfect! Linda (Simon’s mum) thought we were totally bonkers but we spend many a evening lovingly sanding it down and applying layer after layer of white paint. (In fact we applied so many layers of paint, we couldn’t get the drawers open – note to self don’t paint the sides of drawers! ) Linda was impressed which was lucky because it sat in her spare bedroom for another 8 months. It finally made its way into our spare room, where its lived ever since (drawers still unusable), until last weekend when I decided it was time for a transformation. This time Simon kindly plained off the layers of paint from the sides of the drawers and we used the far quicker technique of PlastiKote. I love this stuff – it comes in such a range of colours and can spray pretty much any surface. Now I know it isn’t the most beautiful dressing table in the world, but we’ve been on a journey together. I’m pretty pleased with transformation number two but I know there will be more to come, whether it’s a stencil, new knobs or wallpaper this little dressing table and me will never be far a part.



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